For the second year in a row, on a bright summer night with 28 degrees, the Siren’s Call festival took place in the beautiful Abbey Neumünster.
The ’18 Siren’s call edition was – a – lit!
(Even though we could not get our hands on the popular French fries with guacamole 😉 )

Compliments to the Atelier team who did a great job in choosing the lineup for this year’s edition! For musicaholics like me, it was a day full of good concerts, new music discoveries and artist that know how to talk to your feelings.  All in all, this year’s edition went on for 12 hours in 5 different venues and I’d say that the electro-experimental sounds dominated the scene a little.

This year’s top artist was MGMT and, wow, what a show! With colorful screens, psychedelic visuals, a gigantic inflatable creature and a disco ball on stage, MGMT played songs of the new album ‘Little Dark Age’ and also some of the classics like ‘Kids’ and ‘Time to Pretend’. We were not able to attend aaaall the concerts but I can say that Adam Naas stole many hearts that day.
The atmosphere
The venue felt like a place where you want to hang out with friends, take a drink, sit on the floor without thinking too much, have some fast (but good!) food, and enjoy the atmosphere. The Grund is my #1 favorite place here in Luxembourg. For me, it is where history starts, where the Alzette river – home of the Melusina – and the casemates du bock meet. Wouldn’t you agree that a charming world heritage site is the best place to have an urban date?
The installations of the collective ‘Nuit des lampions’ provide always a magical touch, wherever they are! They are also an Instagram lover’s dream as they make for special pictures and give a fairytale feeling. This year there were also yoga sessions offered, so cool and relaxing!
The art installations and workshops could not be missed as well, they are an important part of the Neimënster Cultural Center.
Also, we have to talk about the food, it smelled and tasted delicious and it was for everyone including vegan options. Unfortunately, this year most of the food stands closed around 20h/21h which was not too cool for those who wanted something to eat later on while partying some more. The organic wine bar was my personal highlight.
The best crowd! People with big smiles, great energy, super cool outfits and different styles. If we’d put them all together, we would have a huge dynamic art expression.
A little extra tip from my side: be sure to be there for sunset, it is truly a magical experience. 
Stephanie J.

Stephanie J.

My name is Stephanie Jabardo, software engineer, born in ’89 & originally from Venezuela. I recently had the opportunity to move to Luxemboug and I'm so eager to get to know the culture, work areas, people, places aka the daily lifestyle. Through my articles, let me take you on my personal journey as foreign girl discovering this beautiful country.

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