I don’t like shopping, I never have. That is why it is kind of funny that, being asked about my current “coup de coeur”, I decided on a shop. So, let me tell you why 🙂

Last December, a cute little showroom/concept store opened its doors in the heart of Luxembourg’s city: The Modu Shop. At the cozy Modu Shop you can find all sort of things: clothes, jewelry, bags, stationery, socks and home decor.

What makes this place so special, next to Amy´s (the owner) contagious smile, is that all the items have been carefully selected by Amy herself. Amongst others, her selection criteria are sustainability, transparency, and fairness.

You will, for example, find the cutest handmade cards from women in the Philippines who were victims of human trafficking or vases made of recycled material by a group of women in India. The clothing pieces are made of organic and sometimes even recycled (rain jacket) materials and the chain of manufacturing is transparent so that the buyer knows from where exactly the piece came from. You can see that most of the items have a social conscience, a history.

I think, especially in our fast consumerist society, it’s important to pay attention to elements like these when buying something. Before we purchase things, we should ask ourselves: Who made this? Where does it come from? What is the real cost?

Last week, I finally went back to the Modu Shop with my camera to take some pictures of the beautiful setting while Amy was telling me the stories behind the items. I did capture some pictures of her and her contagious smile and I asked her a few questions:

I am sure you get this question a lot, but what does Modu mean?

Modu means “All” “Everyone” in Korean. I love the word as it is simple and meaningful at the same time

How did you come up with the idea of opening this concept store?

I come from a family of entrepreneurs, so I think it was definitely in my blood. ☺  I have always wanted to be a social entrepreneur that can do business and give back in some way.  The Modu Shop was a natural result for me as it allowed me to amalgamate design, purpose, philanthropy and a touch of quirk all in one.

How do you select the items you showcase? What are the criteria?

For over a decade, I have been following brands/companies that are socially and environmentally conscious. Most of the brands I carry are brands where I was myself a customer for many years before opening the shop. My criteria is very simple, it needs to look and do good. Every brand that I carry must have a positive impact. This impact can be environmental, proceeds to charity, fair-trade, social projects, etc. However, this is not enough as design is also very important to me.  Something can be for a great cause but if you don’t like the design it will most likely end up in some corner of your closet collecting dust. I don’t want that as to me this is unnecessary consumerism and can produce more waste. Ideally, I want my customers to really like (dare to say love) what they purchase in the shop and the extra bonus is that through the purchase, they are helping others.

How does the Modu Shop support communities around the world? 

In addition to bringing brands to Luxembourg that are trying to do good throughout the world, I believe it doesn’t just stop there. We are ALL part of the process of positive purchase. As the retailer, The Modu Shop is committed to doing its part in making a difference. We donate a portion of our yearly sales to charities/causes close to our hearts. One such charity is The International Justice Mission. IJM is a global team of more than 750 lawyers, investigators, social workers and activists helping to rescue victims of sex trafficking, slavery, and violence and bringing the criminals to justice. As I also have a background in Law, I am very proud that such an organization exists that I can support. In addition, I plan on partnering with artists/designers to create limited edition pieces twice a year where proceeds will be donated to the artist’s choice of charity or social project. We are super excited for these collaborations and I presume many more in the future.

What is the funniest incident that happened in the shop since its opening? 

I once helped a nice older couple pick a scarf as a gift for their daughter-in-law. A few weeks later, I see my friend wearing a scarf from my shop. I asked her where she got the scarf and she told me it was a gift from her in-laws. She had no idea it was from my shop and I had no idea I was helping to pick a scarf for her. I suppose this is the charm of Luxembourg. There is certainly less than a 6 degree of separation here.

Right now, what is your coup de coeur in the Modu Shop? 

I would say our Ruby Vegan Bag from Matt and Nat. It’s my favourite colour for this summer.

You can find The Modu Shop on Facebook and on Instagram



Sana likes telling visual stories and capturing feelings through her photos. She gets inspired by movies and songs but also by the mundane beauty of ugly, everyday objects, abandoned spaces and autobiographical elements.

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