Spring – summer vibes with Pom’s

Hey, I am back! & Even when everything seems like a black mirror episode,  we have to make the best of it.

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared fresh content on the blog. But one good thing that this COVID situation is bringing to all of us, is that a lot of us took time to slow down, enjoy the calm and even if we are working, we are being more conscious.

We’ve been cooking more, working out, crafting, … well, to do those things that we ‘never had time for’.

That’s why I came up with this activity (for me it’s not just a recipe hehe).

I’ve been doing #aperotimes at home. They are not always as fancy as the one I’m telling you about right now (real life is real life!) but I sometimes find myself thinking that a nice set up is taking me too much time to prepare’ …  but after all,  it was not like that. 🙂

You don’t need much more than simple snacks (like the one in the pictures) and a nice homemade drink to set a different mood and vibe, even if we are alone or have just a few friends over.

I, for my part, am a fan of salty snacks, and not so sweet drinks. I love bubbles #getitgurl.  If I’m honest, most of the time the only bubbles that you’ll find in my fridge is sparkling water  but most of the time the ‘alcoholic’ drink I consume is cava / crèmant and derivatives.

So I thought, what about mixing them? YES!

Rosport POM’S is not that sweet, but still has this cool tone…perfect for me! Plus it is sparkling: Extra bubbles. Say no more, let’s do it!

Perfect for these spring – summer days & we don’t need a lot of ingredients.

Stopping the blah blah now! Let’s go for the cha cha cha! CHEERS!

Stephanie J.

Stephanie J.

My name is Stephanie Jabardo, software engineer, born in ’89 & originally from Venezuela. I recently had the opportunity to move to Luxemboug and I'm so eager to get to know the culture, work areas, people, places aka the daily lifestyle. Through my articles, let me take you on my personal journey as foreign girl discovering this beautiful country.

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