White Escape

Kids screaming, sledges, people laughing, white fields and trees as far as the eyes go. This scene took place in the north of Luxembourg on 1st of January 2021 when this part of our country turned into a white wonderland.

It is amazing that with a mere 35-minute drive, you seem to have arrived in another country. This refreshing change of scenery was a beautiful way to start this anxious new year. We packed some coffee and a picnic, wore fluffy warm coats, and started our little road trip. First stop was Wahl where we walked around and enjoyed the sights. After a coffee to warm up, we drove around, with no specific destination. Amazed by the “sugar coated” trees and white fields, we drove around and on stopped at some spots to walk and enjoy the scenery before returning home.

Enjoy the visual memories from Wahl and surroundings.


Sana likes telling visual stories and capturing feelings through her photos. She gets inspired by movies and songs but also by the mundane beauty of ugly, everyday objects, abandoned spaces and autobiographical elements.

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