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Stéphanie K.

Stéphanie K.

Stéphanie K.

Hi, my name is Stéphanie. I'm Luxembourgish, in my late twenties, and a passionate artist. I paint and draw since what feels like forever. Though I do occasionally crack open a tube of acrylic paint, my favourite traditional mediums are a watercolour and alcohol markers. I also do lots of digital pieces. My motifs include all possible things, such as food, plants, characters, and animals, whereas my art style depends much on the subject and reaches from cartoony to semi-realism.

How to draw a Kleeschen

"Léiwe Kleeschen, gudde Kleeschen..." Awww, the good old days... Or maybe still your reality today, if you have or work with young children. Whatsoever, Kleeschen's got something for everyone, regardless their age, so, let's...


Hello again, dearest virtual audience.  Today I want to 'talk' to you about watercolour, since it's autumn now and aquarelle techniques are great for painting leaves which are still green but slightly turning brown;...

Tutorial: A ghost for Halloween

Hi! First of all, welcome to this blog post which is the very first I write for Rosport Life.  I'm quite excited and a bit nervous too, so before either gets the better of...